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The SHINE project got its start as part of the 2016-2020 Interreg North Sea Region Programme. The underlying catalyst for going forward with SHINE was and is the rapidly evolving demographic of the North Sea Region. The communities in this region are faced with significant social and economic challenges due to changes within their populations. This means that the healthcare systems providing them with support are also faced with a whole new (and related) set of challenges.

Stakeholders partnering in the SHINE project were provided the opportunity to explore the current ecosystem, which included digging into how business models are set up in the healthcare economy as it currently stands. The outcome of this participatory approach was a new strategy for achieving the triple aim objectives: the integrated business model for the healthcare economy.

Objective and Strategy

The SHINE project’s core objective is to implement integrated business models for the healthcare economy based on the North Sea Region smart specialisation strategy. The quadruple helix model acts as the inspiration behind the method to be developed and will both foster and maintain complex partnerships. The method is essential to creating a support base for the implementation of the new, integrated business models.

Networks and Sustainability

People are the key to ensuring the sustainability of the SHINE project outcomes. Based on a network of smart specialists working together internationally-applicable best practices will be produced. In turn, this will help boost the regional economy. What’s more, the generation of spin-offs in the regional healthcare institutions produced by these networks will ensure high-quality, sustainable results.

Relationships are what sustain the constant exchange of know-how, innovation and best practices that will make these integrated business models successful. It’s for this reason that the project also seeks to set up transnational partnerships in the healthcare economy. With a cross-border network in place, focused on smart specialisation, innovation and sustainable economic growth are the only natural outcome. It all comes down to people, working together.

Regional contact persons


NHS  Highland                
Frances Hines
Research, Development & Innovation Manager
e-mail: frances.hines@nhs.net


Innovation Quarter
Lonneke Baas
Senior Business Developer Life Sciences and Health
e-mail : lonneke.baas@innovationquarter.nl

Dr.Hanneke Molema
Senior Consultant TNO
e-mail: hanneke.molema@tno.nl


Prof. Dr. Johan Bruneel
Hoofddocent Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfswetenschappen, KU Leuven Kulak
e-mail : johan.bruneel@kuleuven.be

POM  West-Vlaanderen                             
Inge Taillieu
Coördinator Zorgeconomie
Fabrieken voor de Toekomst
e-mail: inge.taillieu@pomwvl.be